Universal’s Golden Eagle Awards

By , 09/17/2009

2009 Golden Eagle Award

Me Red Cloud

Awarded to

Roger Squires



What the hell is a “Shucklehead”

Its a ’57 Panhead lower end with ’66 Shovelheads and cylinders……

“But them’s Knuckleheads ain’t they?”    Well… you had better take a closer look!

Restoration professional Roger Squires, of Southern California, likes the looks of a generator lower end, likes the way a Shovelhead runs, but LOVES the looks of them Knuckleheads. Its a backyard work in progress and he plans to custom build only two. That’s not all, he’s made the left side of the heads look like knuckleheads as well! Those pics are up on the post. There’s more unequalled, Judge stump’in, custom trickery in these bikes but the motors were enough to knock the stuffing out of the golden eagle. If there’s any Shucklehead loving nuts that want more details let us know.                    Back to the posting

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Roger’s garage built one off ’36 EL Air Horn! Then he knocked out these stainless 1930's Footmens’ Loops. His same magic was used to make the Banjo Fittings, lines & Brake Light Switch from scratch! The old hog nose even made the brake light shroud! "OCD" Roger, not finding a repro 34 to 36 Air-Flow Fender that was worth a damn, sent them back, and sectioned two rear chopper fenders, capped them off with the widow’s peak front and tooled up for the skirts to complete his fourth part this year! custom engraved shiftgate He made the spring covers too! personalized HD kicker cover Universal helped with the speedo

Also on this same project Universal Engravers took care of the problem of it’s old banged up license plate.

Click image for a close inspection

of each stage of the project.

smashed license plate before restoration license plate restoration pattern license plate restoration die engraved restamped plate front view restamped plate rear view

If you find our simple inexpensive way to stamp out flattened destroyed old plates give  Graven Dave a call cause he would love to talk about how he beat the old prison system.

If you’ve got a restoration project problem, he can get you off too.


Leave a comment and state your case.

“Busy hands are happy hands”

Click this to see the latest pics on the Shucklehead project

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