GUIDE original marking reproduction

By , 10/17/2017

guide headlight

Harley-Davidson (your blank) reproduction “Guide” headlights engraved with the original logo ($55ea.)

Same for the reproduction tail lights ($50ea.)

Marker lights, etc. anything that needs the original marking!

Here is an actual comment on a repro head light I did for Lawrence of Pace, Fl.
Got it back today. Unbelievably great job. When I saw it, I literally said “Holy fucking shit. Fucking awesome.” I am so thrilled with this job that I wish all work came out this well. You certainly exceeded my expectations.
Thank You Lawrence

MARCHAL GRANDE PORTEE light restoration

By , 04/24/2016

Engraved Steel Stamps

By , 02/24/2016

steel stamps

Custom Engraved Steel Stamps

Screaming Pachyderms Engraved cover

By , 02/01/2016

(this is the only way I could take the picture without getting my reflection in it)


By , 01/28/2016

This is what “original marking restoration” is all about!

Shown here in raw steel, ed just prior to the plating process.

Harley points cover engraved

By , 10/14/2015

knife engraved in memory of PAVO the wonder dog of the SMPD K-9 Div.

By , 10/14/2015

click thumbs to enlarge them

PAVO held his watch from November 2008 thru October 2015 !


By , 07/14/2015

When possible the original product marking (stamping) should be restored using the original stamping method.

Pictured  above is a 3 dimensional stamp in the final trimming  stage prior to the hardening proses.

Pictured below in copper plate just prior to chrome plating is the product after the original marking has been restored (re-stamped).


By , 06/18/2015

Shown before chrome plating.

Bill Wall Stamps by

By , 05/26/2015

A Shot of some of the many hand stamps made for BWL over the years. The weird shapes help Bill to distinguish them (plus their his style).

Used when making a true Bill Wall Custom Creation, some of their engraving is so small and finely detailed an accurate copy or mold cannot be made from them. So you’ll know your creation came from the hand of the legendary Bill Wall.

Engraved Art and Wheels Harley Points Cover

By , 04/20/2015

Engraved trailer trash for custom Pan Head

By , 04/03/2015

Machine engraved black anodized running boards for a one of a kind Harley Panhead trailer!

…and the Pan!

Anyone with a comment?

Leather stamping with Bakelite

By , 02/22/2014

Just for fun Bill Wall and I took the cast raised reverse Bakelite pattern used to engrave the steel stamp for Jeff Decker. The pattern is 4 times the size of the actual steel hand stamp (impression posted below). Just goes to show that Bakelite plastic works great for making lasting impressions in leather!

Custom Hand Stamp

By , 02/20/2014

This is a an impression of a 3D machine engraved logo stamp for the world famous JEFF DECKER measuring 1 1/4″ wingtip to wingtip as struck by a 3lb. sledge hammer.

Engraved Harley Cover for a Veteran

By , 11/11/2013

Custom Engraved Horn for Harley

By , 11/11/2013

A one of a kind

Guide Cycleray Headlamp never did it this good!

By , 11/07/2013

We’ll make your re-pop really pop!

Engraving of the early Guide Cycle Ray Headlamp

Engraving of the early Guide Cycle Ray Headlamp

Duesenberg wheel nuts engraved

By , 10/24/2013

Another Mosier Restoration 100pt winner, engraved and ready for nickle plate. if yours don’t look like these, they are wrong!

Engraved Depress Beam Headlight

By , 09/05/2012

For the 1929 Packard

And its off to the Chrome Shop

Engraved Knuckleheads

By , 09/05/2012

Engraved Knuckleheads from Hell?

The Devil you say!

Engraved PORSCHE knock-offs

By , 09/03/2012

Mel loves his wheel nuts!

Custom Engraved Harley Nameplates

By , 08/17/2012


Engraved Knockoffs

By , 08/14/2012

Harley front end engraved

By , 06/01/2012

Engraved lower sliders for the “Rat Knuckle Stroker”

gravendave’s work in progress for his son Neal!

click image

Darth Vader is Bill Wall

By , 04/07/2012

Lucas recently invited Bill Wall up to his California Ranch asking him to apply his creative genius to a sterling Star Wars project!

For the next two years Bill will be working his off the Wall precious metal magic and placing his skulls in helmets for George and some very special Star Wars fans!

Universal Engravers has always been honored to work with Bill as his custom stamp maker and will be posting updates of this golden opportunity for Star Wars fans even before the metal has cooled.

click image

Bill Wall as Darth Vader

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