Engraved Metal Stamps & Dies

By , 09/05/2009

Custom engraved steel stamps for the industry

steel stamps

3d stamp engraving

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Golf I.D. tags made by steel stamp with changing part numbers by inserts! Club stampings from engraved dies Products stamped with dies engraved & heat treated by Universal Engravers. misc stamped parts Coins or tokens from engraved 2&3D dies Roll marking dies Stamped copper from engraved dies Burning Brand engraved for the Limited Edition “Super Shit Experimental” skateboards that even had the serial numbers burnt inside the egg! Custom metal stamps Aluminum tag from engraved brass embossing die Male & female engraved steel embossing dies embossed steel custom leather stamps (made of Bakelite) 3d engraving copy and stamp steel stamps 3d engraving copy

Universal Engravers hardened steel hand stamp engraved with your drivers license number can be used to stamp your tools so the police will know they belong to you, no matter who’s hands their in!
You can’t take it with you but you sure as hell don’t want somebody else walking off with it.

Identify your property quick and easy with a hand stamp.


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